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'The City And...' is a multi-year, collaboratively designed and taught open course between Providence College, College Unbound, and other local community organizations in Providence, Rhode Island. The seminar is premised on the importance of creating space for conversation with engaging speakers and community-based organizations that are conducting civic innovation efforts in the Providence area.
Photo by Eric Sung

The specific theme of the seminar this semester, “The City and Its Youth,” will invite us to use directed readings, invited speakers, dialogue among participants, and several engagement projects to explore several questions:
  • What are the everyday lives of youth in Providence like?
  • What is “working” to engage young people in Providence in meaningful ways?
  • What is the potential for building on the history, shape, and character of Providence to create a local youth movement?

We will examine these questions through the creation of a reflective, open learning community, and collectively develop a multi-media, web-based wiki site that maps the ecology of youth development in Providence.

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Fall 2012: THE CITY AND ITS STORYTELLERS [Send us your ideas]